Balance, the expression of Health

In the world driven by achievement, power and glory, certain values ​​are being lost. We live in virtual environments, close to fiction. The era of the image stealing the scene and masking souls.

This reflects on the most sensitive people and many disagree on their emptiness. The duality between dense and subtle begins to bother. A hidden imbalance becomes menacing as a silent disease. The essence is lost.

In creating the Spa of the Soul we think of people who seek not only to pack the envelope of being, but to be the Being.

With this purpose we seek and find a place of inspiring luminosity and invigorating energy. A natural reserve by the sea, protected by dunes and native vegetation, pure water in one of the best climates of the planet.

We added to the creation of the Spa of Alma, the direction of Dr. Amarilis de Oliveira, who in his fifty years of research and studies of the possibilities of supra-mind and evolutionary behavior of the new man, developed the methodology of the four bodies; physical, mental, emotional and vital, supported by Astrosophy, which refers to the awareness that we are holographic.

Following the methodology we filter the best therapeutic practices in the physical, mental, emotional and vibrational areas and, finally, we created this unusual spa. A spa for those who seek to know and order their inheritance, physical, social and spiritual, and balance to dream (archetypal) with fullness. Redeem the answers that we know and do not access.

The experiences in the spa programs are highly positive and the new knowledge can be applied daily. The balance of the four bodies allows for increased performance, perception of trends and connection to health.

The programs can be individual or for small groups, always in a cheerful and welcoming environment.

The spa's accommodation area also caters to guests and guests who are only looking for a stay without a spa program. This enables people with different purposes to travel together, preserving each other's freedom to take advantage of what they want to do. While one person is at the spa the other can tour the area or have a drink by the pool.

The spa program's diet is optional and our restaurant also serves other types of food, drinks and snacks.

The Soul Spa's Gastronomy menu is not recommended for strict weight loss diets. We have programmed diets that can help in reducing body measurements and detoxification, but the focus of the spa is wellness and physical, mental, emotional and vital balance.

If you seek more lap, care and affection than luxury; more purity and inner balance than frivolities; more magic and natural beauty than the obvious and artificial settings, then the Soul Spa is the perfect choice for you.